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Do I need a home report if selling privately in Scotland?

Home reports were introduced by the Scottish government back in 2008. The aim of the reports is to provide a level of transparency to the property sale process. If you are selling your home in Scotland, you need to make sure that there is a home report in place. It’s a common misconception that home […]

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home report provider

Choosing the right home report provider

Any house purchase or sale is important, and it’s vital that all the correct steps are followed, to ensure that the sale goes through as expected. If you live in Scotland, one of the steps that needs to be completed when a property goes up for sale, is the compilation of a Home Report. The […]

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The Scottish Property Market: A Snap Shot

There’s a hopeful outlook coming out of the Scottish Property Market at present. If we take a snap shot of what’s happening in 2018, the market looks sturdy, with increases and prospects leading the way. Current expectations for the Scottish market is higher than it is for housing in the rest of the UK, and […]

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Home Reports: Helping Those Buying and Selling Property

  Scotland introduced Home Reports back in 2008: an initiative implemented by the government whereby a pack of documents are provided to home buyers. If you are selling a property in Scotland, a home report must be completed, and this consists of three components provided to potential buyers: a single survey an energy report and […]

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How long does a Home Report stay valid?

So, you’ve decided to sell your house – congratulations!  if you’ve been out of the property market for a while, or not sure of the latest processes, what do you do next? The main priority for you is to commission a Home Report. In a nutshell, a Home Report is the key marketing guide to […]

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How did home reports come about?

The requirement to obtain a home report when selling a residential property in Scotland is legislation still in its infancy. The new policy about requiring a housing report can be confusing to established property owners who were used to the old marketing system. Having to comply with new red tape can leave them feeling frustrated. […]

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