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If you’re thinking of selling your home, of course, you’ll need to market it first, but before you get that far, you’ll need a Home Report.

At ‘Home Report For You’, we can make sure you get a Home Report that complies fully with all legal requirements. That includes making sure it contains all three of the necessary documents – the Single Survey, the Energy Report and the Property Questionnaire.

‘Home Report For You’ has a wide range of surveyors local to your area that we can instruct to prepare a Single Survey. These surveyors are accredited to be able to prepare a survey which gives detailed information about the condition and value of your home before it is marketed for sale. The report will also give buyers clear information about the condition and value of your home before they make an offer to purchase, which experience tells us, can make for greater certainty when closing the deal.

‘Home Report For You’ will also ensure that an Energy Report is prepared by the relevant expert to calculate your home’s energy efficiency rating and its environmental impact in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. So as to be helpful in marketing your property, at ‘Home Report For You’, the Energy Report also makes recommendations to improve your home’s efficiency and even suggests how to save fuel costs. Any prospective buyers can feel reassured in knowing an expert has reviewed the property already.

Why you need a Home Report

Why do you need a Home Report?

Since 1 December 2008, the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 made it a legal requirement for a seller who was marketing their house to provide a Home Report. Marketing a house is considered to happen when the sale of a house is made public in Scotland by, or on behalf of the seller. ‘Making the sale public’ means when it is advertised or otherwise communicated to the public or a section of the public and doesn’t only mean when an estate agent is instructed.

Before you market your house for sale, it’s sensible to have a Home Report in place. They are valid from up to 12 weeks before you put your house on the market and you must be able to provide a prospective buyer with a copy of the Home Report within nine days of them asking for it. If you don’t, the local authority has the power to fine you £500 and you may struggle to get an agent or buyer.

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Why choose Home Report For You?

As well as the relevant experts for your Single Survey and Energy Report, ‘Home Report For You’ will assist you with the final document of the Home Report – the Property Questionnaire. It must be completed by the seller but we are able to help with the burden of any requirements that might be difficult to understand. The Property Questionnaire contains information for buyers, solicitors and surveyors, for example, your home’s council tax band, parking facilities, any local authority notices that affect it and alterations that may have been made to your home.

‘Home Report For You’ is able to provide you with an accurate Home Report in a short time, prepared by qualified and accredited surveyors and using state-of-the-art technology.

Price Guarantee

Aside from the obvious cost benefits of avoiding a £500 fine from your local authority, ‘Home Report For You’ offers competitive pricing for an accurate and comprehensive Home Report. ‘Home Report For You’ prides itself on making sure it has fewer overheads than other similar providers, which means that the costs saved are passed straight on to you. ‘Home Report For You’ is also pleased to be able to offer a Price Guarantee which means if you can get a lower bona fide quote elsewhere that matches our terms & conditions, ‘Home Report For You’ won’t just match the quote, we’ll beat it (see our website or ask us for details).