There are a lot of different things to consider when you are buying or selling a property. If you are selling, then you will need to obtain a home report unless your property meets certain criteria e.g., a new build. A property questionnaire is the third document within a home report and must be completed in most cases. If you’re looking to sell, then here is everything you need to know about home reports and property questionnaires:

What is a home report?

In December 2008 the law changed to say that any homeowner putting their property up for sale in Scotland must provide prospective buyers with a home report. This should be provided within nine days of the potential buyer requesting it. A home report consists of three documents: Single Survey, the Energy Report, and the Property Questionnaire. Having a home report is a legal requirement for most properties put up for sale in Scotland. It is a good idea to obtain a home report before you put your property on the market, as this makes the moving process smoother and reduces potential stress and delays.

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What is a property questionnaire?

As mentioned, a property questionnaire is the third document in a home report. In most cases, the property questionnaire is completed by the person who is putting the property on the market, as the information will only be known to them. The main goal of the property questionnaire is to give prospective buyers useful information that they will need to know about the property before making an offer.

When is a property questionnaire required?

A property questionnaire is required as part of a home report for most properties put on the market. You will need to obtain a home report even if you selling privately in Scotland without the help of an estate agent or solicitor. If you fail to complete a home report then the local authority can issue you with a fine of £500. If it worth knowing that a home report can not be more than twelve weeks old when you put your home up for sale. Ideally, you only want to have to pay for one home report, so make sure you time it well and obtain the report just before you plan on listing your property for sale.

Can I complete a property questionnaire myself?

Property questionnaires are designed to be user friendly, and many sellers are able to complete the questionnaire themselves. That said, the questionnaire is nine pages long and you must provide accurate information to prospective buyers. Sellers might find certain parts of the questionnaire difficult to fill out, such as information on upgrades or modifications that have been carried out on the property. If you are struggling to complete a property questionnaire, then get in touch with our home report specialists for advice.

What is included in a property questionnaire form?

A property questionnaire covers various topics including parking arrangements, modifications to the property, council tax bands, and information on utilities and services such as gas/electric/telephone/TV/broadband and water mains providers.

The seller must also provide information on the homeowner’s responsibilities when it comes to communal areas e.g., joint costs for the upkeep and repairs of shared gardens or stairways. Any details relating to communal areas, access rights, and so on must be documented in the property questionnaire.

The property questionnaire must also contain information on guarantees on any work that has been completed to the property. For instance, a prospective buyer must be made aware if there is a 10-year guarantee on electric work carried out.

Get in touch for help with property questionnaires

Most sellers in Scotland must now obtain a home report before they list their home on the property market. Obtaining a home report is a legal requirement and you risk getting a £500 fine if you fail to comply. A property questionnaire is one of the three documents included in a home report. It is designed to improve transparency and provide prospective buyers with useful information on the property.

Property questionnaires are designed to be straightforward, but you may struggle to complete certain sections. If you would like help filling out a property questionnaire or have any questions about home reports in general, then get in touch with our specialist team today.