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At ‘Home Report For You’ we know that one of the chief priorities when selling your house is to do it as efficiently as possible. With having a Home Report as a legal requirement, it makes sense to want to find a place that can provide you with a cheap Home Report, but one that also meets all the necessary legal obligations and shows-off your home to the best of its ability. That’s the type of Home Report we can provide you with.

Why you need a Home Report

Why do you need a Home Report?

In December 2008, the law changed to state that anybody who wanted to sell their home in Scotland needed to be able to provide a Home Report to a prospective buyer within nine days of the buyer asking for it. This law still stands and if a seller cannot comply with it, they are at risk of being fined £500 by their local authority.

It is also the law that only surveyors registered with or authorised to practise by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors may prepare Single Surveys. The Single Survey is one of the documents that makes up the Home Report, as well as the Energy Report and the Property Questionnaire. All of the surveyors from ‘Home Report For You’ conform with the legal requirements to be able to produce a Single Survey and an Energy Report.

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‘Home Report For You’ uses local surveyors based all over Scotland to provide an accurate and valuable assessment of your property when preparing the Single Survey. They also include a valuation which, with their local knowledge, means that it will be the most reliable valuation available on the market. Each surveyor from ‘Home Report For You’ is also accredited to provide the Energy Report with information to help a prospective new owner cut bills and be more energy efficient. In our experience, this helps to market your property even more. When you contact ‘Home Report For You’, we’ll be able to find arrange a local & professional to prepare your Home Report quickly. Not only that, but when you see our Price Guarantee (below), we are certain that the Home Report will be the best value for money around.

Of course, the third and final part of the Home Report – the Property Questionnaire – is completed by you as the seller, but ‘Home Report For You’ can provide a range of services and assistance when it comes to completing it before being added to the Home Report.

Price Guarantee

If you don’t provide a Home Report when asked, your local authority could fine you £500. Apart from the obvious benefit of avoiding a fine, ‘Home Report For You’ offers you the benefit of being the most competitive provider for Home Reports when it comes to price. To prove how efficient we are and how much we believe that the costs saved by us are passed straight on to you, ‘Home Report For You’ gives all customers a Price Guarantee: if you can get a cheaper legitimate quote elsewhere that matches our terms & conditions, we won’t just match the quote, we’ll beat it (see our website or ask us for details).