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At ‘Home Report for You’ we know that moving house can be a stressful time. We also know there are so many things you need to take care of when selling your home – using ‘Home Report For You’ to make sure you have a Home Report in place when you start marketing your home means that getting a Home Report doesn’t have to be one of those worries.

‘Home Report For You’ guides you carefully along the path to getting the exact Home Report for your property requirements as well as making sure the cost doesn’t surprise you. Not only can organisation be important, but we know that the cost for things you need to sell your home should be kept to a minimum. Certainly, we think our Price Guarantee (see below) helps to show how much we understand that keeping down the cost of a Home Report should be a priority. With our expert knowledge and industry experience we can ensure you get the best value Home Report on the market.

Why you need a Home Report

Why do you need a Home Report?

The need for a Home Report was introduced in Scotland on 1 December 2008. Anyone who has put their house up for sale (with some exceptions) must be in a position to provide a potential buyer with a Home Report within nine days of being asked for it. As soon as the sale of a house is advertised or communicated to the public, the seller can be asked for a Home Report by a prospective buyer and is legally required to produce it within the time limit. If the seller doesn’t do so, they risk being reported to their local authority who can fine them a penalty charge of £500.

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Because of the legal requirement to be able to provide a Home Report in good time, it makes sense to choose a provider who can make sure that you have exactly what you need when you need it. ‘Home Report For You’ can make sure your Home Report fulfils all of its requirements in arranging a Single Survey of your house, as well as an Energy Report. The surveyors from ‘Home Report For You’ will be local to your area and so have a better understanding than other more general surveyors. They will be able to provide a valuation in the Home Report as well as recommendations for new owners on how to cut energy bills and become more efficient, making your home even more marketable. Importantly, they will be accredited by the government to be able to carry out their duties.

The Property Questionnaire in the Home Report must be completed by you, the seller, but we can provide a number of services to help with this, including advice on the information required in the more difficult to understand parts.

How Much Does a Home Report Cost?

At ‘Home Report For You’, we’re certain we can offer competitive pricing for a Home Report. We know our prices are lower than ‘high street’ Home Report providers as we have fewer overheads, which allows us to pass the savings straight on to you. We’re so confident at ‘Home Report For You’ that we have a Price Guarantee which means, if you can find a bona fide quote for a Home Report elsewhere for less than a ‘Home Report For You’ quote, we’ll guarantee to beat it (see our website or ask us for details).