Our homes are one of our most treasured possessions. Most of us have saved up to buy one, held down jobs that we might dislike to be able to pay the mortgage, and put a life’s worth of work into making our house our own – one which works well for us and looks good too. So, when we go to sell our home, we want to sell it to someone who will love it as much as we did (and do!).

To be able to sell your house to the best buyers you need to show it at its best, show potential buyers what they could have, and how they are going to be truly happy there. There are a number of improvements that you can do to your house to attract the best buyers, including:

Obtain a Home Report

It has been a legal requirement to have a Home Report Survey since December 2008 in Scotland, if you are marketing your house for sale. The report consists of a single survey, an energy report, and a property questionnaire.

The energy report can be very useful for potential buyers as it not only will give them a clear picture of how energy efficient the property is now but also how this can be improved. It is also good for the seller, as you can use the recommended measures to make your home more energy-efficient (and therefore more appealing), helping you to attract the right buyers.

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Home Upgrades

Another way to make your house look appealing and show itself in its best light is to get your DIY projects done and make sure that any home upgrades are complete. This might mean giving the house a lick of paint, re-grouting the bathroom, installing an office in the garden, or changing the lighting in the living room.

It helps to be able to look at your home from the point of view of a potential buyer and make it as appealing as you can to them. Although this is the home that you love, try to disassociate yourself from it. This might mean turning a spare room into an office, buying new kitchen cabinet handles, painting your living room in a neutral colour, or getting a table to put into the kitchen if you have space (or removing one if it makes your kitchen look cramped).

Gardening and Outside

The first thing that a potential buyer will see of your home is its outside. Research by Strutt & Parker shows that “76% of property purchasers agree that first impressions are everything when they visit a property”, and this shows how important it is to make the outside of your home look just as appealing as the inside.

You might wish to employ a gardener to tidy up your garden and make it look nice, get your windows cleaned, remove any rubbish, power wash your patio, paint your front door, or ensure that your house number or name is easy to see.

Organise your Cupboards

It always helps to have a tidy and decluttered house when you are trying to attract the best buyers. However, this doesn’t mean just shoving everything into a cupboard. Many house viewers will look inside cupboards or other storage areas as well, so make sure that these are also tidy and organised. If you have a lot of things, you might want to consider renting a storage unit on a short term basis.

Deep Clean

A dirty house is about as appealing as a mouldy sandwich for potential buyers. Make sure that it is absolutely spotless when they are visiting – and you should think about getting professional cleaners in if you need to. This means washing the carpet, ensuring that your windows are glistening, making it smell nice, and making sure that your kitchen sparkles.

Even if your home is an old building, it will be new for your buyers, and they will certainly want it to look like new.


Finally, if you have a parking space or driveway, you should consider leaving this for your visitors to use. Not only is this a kind gesture that may endear yourself to them, but it is also a good way to get them to start imagining themselves living in the house – and this is the key to getting a good sale.

Selling your home to the best buyers and getting a price which is good for you and the buyers might sound simple. There are a number of things that you can do, however, that can improve your chances by making it more appealing to them. So, before you go and put your home on the market, get the house prepared and then sit back and watch the offers come flooding in.