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We know selling your house is not always a straightforward process, especially with all of the formalities that need to be checked before a deal can be done. One formality here in Scotland is that sellers need to be able to provide prospective buyers with a Home Report. With ‘Home Report For You’, we aim to make this requirement straightforward so this part of the selling process is kept as simple and quick as it should be by arranging for the right professionals to prepare, draft and complete your Home Report in Scotland as efficiently as possible.

At ‘Home Report For You’, we can make sure that a great value Home Report with all the relevant documents is prepared in a short space of time. The Single Survey, the Energy Report and the Property Questionnaire will all be collated ready for you to market your home in accordance with Scottish law.

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Why you need a home report

Why do you need a Home Report in Scotland?

Since December 2008, if you’re selling your home in Scotland, it’s highly likely that you’ll want to market your property to the public. This doesn’t only mean advertising through an agent. If you make the details of the sale of your home available to the public in any way, this is likely to be considered marketing. As soon as you are considered to be marketing the sale of your house, if a prospective buyer asks you for a copy of the Home Report (under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006), you must provide a copy to that interested party within nine days of them asking – if you don’t, the local authority have the power to fine you £500.

Of course, the Home Report can’t just be prepared by anyone – only surveyors registered or authorised to practise by the Royal Chartered Institution of Surveyors are allowed to prepare the Single Survey and only government-accredited surveyors are able to prepare the Energy Report.

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Why choose Home Report For You?

At ‘Home Report For You’, all of our expert surveyors meet the legal requirements to prepare and draft a Scotland Home Report. Not only that, but ‘Home Report For You’ will see to it that your surveyor is local to your area so they will be able to provide you with a more accurate valuation when preparing the Single Survey. When it comes to the Energy Assessment document and energy-saving issues our local surveyors will be able to assist with the marketing process by providing recommendations for saving energy in the Energy Report too which will help any prospective buyer.

‘Home Report For You’ will also make sure the Property Questionnaire, which must be completed by you, the seller, is straightforward and easy to understand, with advice on any particularly difficult requirements when required. Details include council tax bands, parking permits, factor fee and asny similar details useful for interested buyers.

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Price Guarantee

All Home Reports can differ based on the value of the property that the Home Report is being prepared for. ‘Home Report For You’ have the most competitive prices in Scotland and we are certain our prices are lower than most ‘high street’ providers. Costs saved by ‘Home Report For You’ by our lower overheads are passed straight on to you as a customer. We hope it shows our confidence in our prices by being able to offer all customers our Price Guarantee which guarantees that, if you can find a bona fide quote elsewhere for less than a ‘Home Report For You’ quote, we will beat it (see our website or ask us for details).

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Best Customer Service

Our company aims to not only help you get a low cost Home Report that allows you to legally sell your home but also provide fantastic customer service with clear communication through out the booking and survey process.

We do not over promise and under deliver so if you ask us for a two day turn around for a survey we will advise if this will be possible or not. We will always try and get your survey booked for when you need it but if this is not possible we will be honest and give a realistic time frame which means you won’t be disappointed with any aspect of our Home Report service. Our low cost Home Reports in Scotland are provided by RICS regulated surveyors only so rest assured that you can advertise you home as legally required.

Our floor plans and professional photos service is a great option for those looking to make their property more marketable when viewed online and get viewings. Our friendly team will explain all details on how to present your home as best as possible too so whatever service you choose we will help as much as we can.

Approved Surveyors

Only RICS regulated surveyors can provide Home Reports in Scotland and our surveys are only carried out by these professional surveyors. A buyer's lender will probably require another valuation for a sale to be completed as we are not on the lenders approved panel.

Best Quotes Available

As detailed in our Price Promise above we do not have the same overheads as our high street competitors so that allows us to offer a cheap Home Report Quote and save you money. See today what you save with us.

Floor Plans & Professional Photos

Having an accurate digital floorplan in 2d or 3d as well as wide lens photos in high resolution can be the difference in getting a viewing or not. We can provide this service at a discount when you order a Home Report. See examples on our site and also request them from our bookings team.


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