Home Report Process

Home Report Sales Process

  1. Potential buyer views property and home report.
  2. Potential buyer makes offer
    1. Home Report completed by surveyor not on lender’s panel. – All lenders have varying lists of who is approved on their panel. A seller will never know which lender is going to be used when they initially advertise and if a buyer will require another mortgage valuation.
    2. Mortgage valuation report commissioned by lender and paid for by buyer
  3. Home Report completed by a surveyor on lender’s panel and is less than three months old and meets all other lender’s requirements – Transcript of Generic Mortgage Valuation Report accepted by lender. If a home report is more than 12 weeks old when a sale is agreed it is possible a lender will require a refreshed mortgage valuation.
  4. Mortgage finance agreed
  5. Offer accepted and missives concluded