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If you’re selling your home, we understand that a Home Report may not be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to all of the things that need to be organised. We also know that the price of obtaining a Home Report can be considered an expense simply to ensure legal compliance of your sale. ‘Home Report For You’ understand both of these issues and offer a fast and effective, as well as cost-efficient, service to help you reduce the stress that comes with selling a house and keep down the price of doing so.

‘Home Report For You’ provide accurate Home Reports for sellers when they want to market their home. The documents required in a Home Report include a Single Survey, an Energy Report and a Property Questionnaire – ‘Home Report For You’ has accredited expert surveyors ready to prepare these first two documents for you, and whilst the Property Questionnaire is something to be completed by the seller themselves, we can provide assistance and guidance where necessary.

Why you need a Home Report

Why do you need a Home Report?

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 made it obligatory for anyone who was selling their house through public marketing to have a Home Report ready to provide to any prospective buyer. This law came into force on 1 December 2008 and has remained since. Now, if you put your house up for sale and it is advertised or communicated to the public in any way, the law requires you to have a Home Report prepared so that a prospective buyer will be able to receive a copy within nine days of asking for it. Our advice is clear; if you put your home up for sale, before you do so, it makes sense to already have a Home Report in place.

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The Home Report regulations say that only surveyors registered with or authorised to practise by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors may prepare Single Surveys. All of the surveyors from ‘Home Report For You’ conform with these requirements. As well as having the right type of expert for the Single Survey and for the Energy Report, we have specialist knowledge about how to collate the documents into your Home Report and provide it in a way that can make your property even more marketable – the Single Survey will include a valuation and the Energy Report will contain information that could help a new owner cut bills and be more energy efficient.

The Property Questionnaire itself must be completed by you, the seller, but we can provide assistance on any difficulties that may arise and help lighten the load when it comes to complying with legal formalities.

Price Guarantee

Certainly for each property, the price at ‘Home Report For You’ can differ based on a property’s size, location or more generally, its value. However, because of our lower overhead costs, the prices at ‘Home Report For You’ are lower than most ‘high street’ providers as the costs saved by ‘Home Report For You’ are passed straight on to you as a customer. ‘Home Report For You’ also has a Price Guarantee which, if you can find a bona fide quote elsewhere for less than a ‘Home Report For You’ quote, we promise to beat it (see our website or ask us for details).