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Edinburgh house sales aren’t always the most stress-free deals; there are a lot of factors that can change a buyer’s mind and a lot of money can rest in the balance. ‘Home Report For You’ can take the stress out of one of the formal requirements that you will be expected to meet under Scottish law.

A Home Report from ‘Home Report For You’ is put together using appropriate professionals for your requirements to produce an accurate and high-quality Home Report that is produced in a simple and straightforward process as quickly as possible. With the three documents required for the Home Report – the Single Survey, the Energy Report and the Property Questionnaire – all forming part of the Home Report, at ‘Home Report For You’ we ensure they are collated and prepared in one easy to follow report within a short space of time and ready for you to market your Edinburgh home.

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Why you need a Home Report

Why do you need a Home Report?

Marketing your Edinburgh home for sale triggers the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006. This Act states that, from 1 December 2008, anybody who wishes to market the sale of their house in Edinburgh (or Scotland generally) must be able to provide a Home Report to a prospective buyer. Marketing includes things like advertising through an agent, but also means letting the public know that the house is for sale generally. Once this happens, if a prospective buyer wishes to see a copy of the Home Report for your home, you must provide it to them within nine days – not to do so could incur a penalty charge from the local authority of £500.

A Home Report is a legal requirement if you are going to market your house for sale. The Home Report itself must be prepared by a correctly-qualified professional. The Single Survey is legally required to be prepared by a surveyor who is registered or authorised to practise by the Royal Institution of Surveyors (RICS). The Energy Report must be produced by a professional who is accredited through an authorised government scheme. At ‘Home Report For You’ all of our professional surveyors hold the necessary legal qualifications.

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Why choose Home Report For You?

Instructing surveyors with the right qualifications is one thing that ‘Home Report For You’ does well, but that’s not all. We also ensure that surveyors local to the Edinburgh area are instructed to carry out surveys and prepare reports for homes in and around Edinburgh. As well as keeping costs down, the main advantage is that our local professionals have a more detailed knowledge, and so can provide a higher quality Home Report, with a more accurate valuation (contained within the Single Survey) and more bespoke recommendations for saving energy (contained within the Energy Report). This makes for a simpler process and means that ‘Home Report For You’ can offer a higher value package than other providers.

We also know that, sometimes, the Property Questionnaire which forms the third document of the Home Report can be a little less than straightforward. This document must be completed by the seller, but at ‘Home Report For You’ we can offer guidance and advice using our industry experience to help keep your concerns to a minimum.

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We’re certain we can offer you competitive pricing for a Home Report at ‘Home Report For You’. We know our prices are less than other ‘high street’ Home Report providers as we strive to make sure we have fewer overheads and pass the savings straight on to you as a customer. We’re so confident about our pricing at ‘Home Report For You’ that we have a Price Guarantee where, if you can find a bona fide quote for a Home Report elsewhere for less than a ‘Home Report For You’ quote, we’ll guarantee to beat it (see our website or ask us for details). So contact us today to see why we are the best Home Report provider in Edinburgh and see how much you can save. Get a quote by either filling the quick form on website or calling our office.