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Selling your house in Aberdeen can be complicated, with plenty of hoops to jump through. In Scotland, one requirement for selling a house is to provide a Home Report to prospective buyers. Here at ‘Home Report For You’, our aim is to help make that hoop so easy to jump through, you won’t even feel your feet lift. Home Reports from Home Report For You are prepared following a simple, straightforward process, which involves us matching up your home with the right type of advisor for your requirements.

There are three parts of a home report survey: The Single Survey, The Energy Report, The Property Questionnaire

At ‘Home Report For You’ we can make sure they are collated and prepared in one document in a short space of time ready for you to market your Aberdeen home.

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Why you need a Home Report

Why do you need a Home Report in Aberdeen?

Anyone who’s sold their house in Aberdeen since 1st December 2008 has had to comply with the legal requirement of providing a Home Report as soon as they put their house on the market. Once a residential property is up for sale, regardless of the method, the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 requires you to make a copy of the Home Report for your property available to any prospective buyer if they ask for it. If you can’t provide a copy to the prospective buyer within nine days, you are at risk of being fined by the local authority a sum of £500.

It’s worth bearing in mind that a Home Report can’t be prepared by just anybody. The law also sets out that the surveyors who prepare the Single Survey must be registered or authorised to practise by the Royal Chartered Institution of Surveyors, and those who prepare the Energy Report must have been government accredited, just as all of our surveyors at Home Report For You are.

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Why choose Home Report For You?

Not only are our surveyors fully qualified to provide you with a Home Report that meets legal requirements, but we also see to it that surveyors from Aberdeen are instructed to carry out reports in and around the local area. This ensures that your surveyor will have the expert knowledge required for preparing the valuation that goes with the Single Survey, and also be aware of any local traits that might be exclusive to your home’s location. This is particularly helpful when looking at different energy-saving recommendations for the Energy Report, which in turn helps to market your home more easily.

Of course, there is also the Property Questionnaire, which makes up the final part of the Home Report, which the seller must complete. Home Report For You will make sure that this process is straightforward and easy to understand, and can offer advice on particularly difficult requirements.

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One benefit of getting a Home Report is avoiding a £500 fine from your local authority. A benefit of using Home Report For You is our competitive pricing for providing you with an accurate and comprehensive Home Report. Our Price Guarantee means if you can get a lower bona fide quote elsewhere that matches our terms & conditions, Home Report For You won’t just match the quote - we will better it (see our website or ask us for details). We can offer you this with the confidence that you won’t find a lower quote, as Home Report For You prides itself on making sure it has fewer overheads than other similar providers, which means that the costs saved are passed straight on to you. Contact us today for your free quick Home Report cost quote either through our website or by calling our office.