Home Reports: Helping Buy and Sell Property

  Scotland introduced Home Reports back in 2008: an initiative implemented by the government whereby a pack of documents are provided to home buyers. If you are selling a property in Scotland, a home report must be completed, and this consists of three components provided to potential buyers: a single survey an energy report and […]

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How long does a Home Report stay valid?

So, you’ve decided to sell your house – congratulations!  if you’ve been out of the property market for a while, or not sure of the latest processes, what do you do next? The main priority for you is to commission a Home Report. In a nutshell, a Home Report is the key marketing guide to […]

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How did home reports come about?

The requirement to obtain a home report when selling a residential property in Scotland is legislation still in its infancy. The new policy about requiring a housing report can be confusing to established property owners who were used to the old marketing system. Having to comply with new red tape can leave them feeling frustrated. […]

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What you need to know about Home Reports

Why do I need a home report? Are you thinking of putting your home on the market, and been told you need a home report? As this a recent legislation change it can be confusing and you may not know what a home report is or why you need one. This article will guide you […]

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Why do I need a home report?

  Whether you are looking to sell a property and need to give prospective buyers all of the information they need, or looking to buy and are keen to know more information about a property, a Home Report can be an essential tool. Before 2010, a Home Information Pack (HIP), was the best way to […]

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