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We know that selling a house in Glasgow isn’t always easy, but at ‘Home Report For You’, there’s one part of the process that we can make as streamlined and stress-free as possible for you, which in turn will hopefully make the whole process run a lot smoother. It’s our aim to take away any worries you may have when it comes to obtaining the Home Report for the sale of your house.

To make sure you feel assured in the quality of our Home Reports, we can confirm we use only regulated, authorised or accredited experts for the job of producing an accurate and high-quality Home Report. The way we produce it is done in a simple and straightforward manner, as quickly as possible and we also help you in keeping the cost down. With the three documents required for the Home Report – the Single Survey, the Energy Report and the Property Questionnaire – all forming part of the Home Report, at ‘Home Report For You’ we ensure that the documents are collated and prepared in one easy to follow report within a short space of time and ready for you to market your Glasgow home.

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Why you need a Home Report

Why do you need a Home Report?

In Glasgow, all that you need to do to adhere to the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 is market your home to the public with an accompanying Home Report – this has been the law since December 2008. Marketing your home under this Act can mean placing your home for sale by advertising through an agent, but it can also simply mean making it known to the public that your house is for sale. As soon as you do this, a prospective buyer has the right to ask you for a copy of the Home Report and you must provide a copy to the party requesting it within nine days of their request. If you don’t, the local authority has the power to charge you a penalty of £500.

As well as complying with the legal requirement to obtain a Home Report, the Home Report itself must be prepared by a professional with the correct qualifications. The Single Survey must be prepared by a surveyor registered or authorised to practise by the Royal Institution of Surveyors. The Energy Report must be produced by a professional who is accredited through an authorised government scheme. One of our guarantees at ‘Home Report For You’ is that all of our professional surveyors hold the legally necessary qualifications.

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Why choose Home Report For You?

‘Home Report For You’ can guarantee to instruct fully qualified and accredited professionals when preparing your Home Report, but when it comes to your home in Glasgow, we can also state that we will instruct local surveyors to the Glasgow area. The chief reason for this is that we find local professionals are able to provide a higher level of service as they have a more detailed knowledge when it comes to providing valuations and assessing what recommendations to save energy are relevant – both of which are contained in the Home Report. Of course, it also has the added bonus of keeping costs down which means that further savings can be passed on to you.

The third document in the Home Report, the Property Questionnaire, must be completed by you as the seller. At ‘Home Report For You’ we can offer assistance and advice using our industry experience to help guide you through this document and be able to provide a Home Report that really shows off your home in Glasgow to its fullest potential.

Price Guarantee

The price of a Home Report does generally depend on the value of your property. However, because we seek to ensure lower overhead costs than other similar providers, the costs savings we make at ‘Home Report For You’ are passed straight on to you. ‘Home Report For You’ also has a Price Guarantee which, if you can find a bona fide quote elsewhere for less than a ‘Home Report For You’ quote, we promise to beat it (see our website or ask us for details). If you fill in the quick quote form on our website or if easier call our office then we can tell you how much a Home Report would cost you and see how much you’d save by choosing us.

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